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About Us

Who are we?

Established in 1956, Taylor's Dairies is a family dairy business that delivers dairy products to your doorstep by the very latest of 7:30 AM. We aim to bring you high quality products as cheap as they can be! You even get that premium taste of milk from Cottesworld Dairy!


Our History

Taylor's Dairies was established in 1956 by a man called David Taylor (1931-2000). He was a traditional milkman, and was quite happy as he delivered milk to over 300 customers in a farm in Newton Longville. David Taylor went on to raise money for charity in Milton Keynes and even became the mayor!


In 1988, David gave his business to his son, Anthony. In 1996, Anthony's son, Steven, became involved in the dairy but joined the dairy fully in 2010. As of August 2023, Taylor's Dairies is delivering to over 4,000 customers and continues to live on to this day.

David Taylor, left, and Anthony Taylor, right

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